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EasiBill Customisable Bulk Billing Solution


Do have a large enterprise, or a business that requires bulk billing? EasiBill can still work for you!
The current EasiBill system is geared to the maximum of a generic SME size business.
We understand that this current configuration of the EasiBill structure may not suit all business models or billing methodologies out there.

The technology that EasiBill has been built on makes it easily scalable and customisable, allowing us to customise a separate instance of EasiBill, brand it for your company and modify the billing mechanisms to meet your unique business needs.

This has a number of advantages for you:

  • the server resources are dedicated to your application
  • your unique business billing needs can be catered for
  • pricing structure for the use of the system can be tailored to your type of business
  • the system is maintained and kept up to date by us – you concentrate on your business

If you have a billing need for your business that is not covered in this version of EasiBill, drop us a note via the EasiBill Contact Page and let us know what your specific needs are and we can help you find the right EasiBill solution to fit your business needs!

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