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  • Once you have added some client profiles and inventory items the quotations and invoices tab will become visable and you will then be able to start creating quotes and invoices.
  • There are two places you can create a new quotation, by either clicking on the New Quotation link or the Manage Quotation page has an  Add Quotation button.

Click to view a larger screen shot of the dashboard page

  • We will start first with how to create a quote for a client via the manage Quotation List page.
  • To add a new quotation you can click on the Add Quotation button as indicated on the screen shot below.
  • The four icons located on the right of all the quotation listings allow you to do the following from right to left: Edit the quotation, convert quotation to an invoice, view the quotation preview screen and archive the quotation listing.
  • A fifth icon will appear if you sent through the quotation from the quotation preview screen.

Click to view a larger screen shot of the quotations list page

  • When you add a quoatation you will be directed to the Quotations and Invoices page which will look like the screen shot below.
  • In the quotation detail section a reference number will be generated for you, you will need to select a bill date, client and a quotation title which is optional.
  • You will need to choose a stock or service item in the Stock / Services section, Date field is optional if you need to provide a date for when a service was performed. Short item description, unit cost, the quanity and if it is tax free.
  • Once you have provided this information you can then select the blue plus button on the right hand side to add it to the quotation. Once you have added the stock or service you  can proceed to add more items in this manner.
  • You can add a shipping cost to the quote and then you will be displayed with the total amount.
  • If you are happy with the quote you can save it.

Click to view a larger screen shot of the quotations and invoices page

  • Once you have saved the quotation you can then click on the magnifying glass in the quotation list to preview the quotation which can be seen in the screen shot below.
  • At the bottom of the quotation preview screen you will be presented with 4 options: view all which will take you back to the manage quotations list, download PDF if you need a copy for some reason, send or resend button which will allow you to send a PDF quotation via email to your client or you can edit the invoice if there are corrections to be made.

Click to view a larger screen shot of the generated quote page

  • The process of generating an invoice is the same as generating a quotation. Click on one of the invoice buttons to be redirected to the Invoice List page where you will be able to add an invoice and manage all invoices that you have sent out to clients.
  • Notice that in the Total Amount Column on the Invoice List page that there are red and green colour amounts, you can allocate payments that have been settled and what payments are still outstanding.

Click to view a larger screen shot of the invoice list page

  • Click on the icon with the 2 Dollar Bills and a plus sign to allocate payments that you have received.
  • On the payments allocations page you can provide a Date of Payment which is optional and the amount that you received even if it was for a portion of the amount.
  • Remember to save.

Click to view a larger screen shot of the payment allocation page

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