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10 Ways To Market Your Business Online

10 Ways to Market your Business Online

1. Creating a Facebook and Twitter Page
Both of these sources are free platforms which have been increasingly used for online marketing. Greatly assisting in research, providing real-time data, marketing your business online will most definitely require the creation of your Facebook page and your Twitter profile. Why are these so important? The answer is a simple one – it allows for interaction. These platforms provide avenues where you can draw on all your needs of engaging followers and marketing your products right to the creation of a successful brand. However, it should be borne in mid that each platform has its own requirements and marketers will need to actively take advantage of these.

2. Making sure you blog often
This is not an understatement and many people still consider this to be a myth. The fact is – it is not. Blogging often will increase the chances of your outreach to your audience. While the notion of ‘often’ is a purely subjective one, the wisest thing to do for small business owners is that they maintain a steady and constant schedules when writing blog posts with as little disruptions as possible. This will definitely help keep readers engaged.

3. Building a Customer Email List
It is imperative to have a healthy and well maintained customers’ email list. Properly managing the email list will help drive revenues in a tough competitive market place. This list will contain pre-filtered targeted audience and it is definitely a very easy sell as also a great referral source. Business marketing professionals must always take care of their wordings, use tactics responsibly and be right to the point. It is so very easy to have emails ignored and marketers will need to take good care of this.

4. Offer Discounts and Deals
Everybody loves a freebie. Being new, there is no better way to build a good strong base of clients by offering discounts or additional deals. While such a base of satisfied customers will definitely consider upgrades in the future, they will also immensely help organic growth by spreading a good word around. And yes, nothing gets around faster than a good word.

5. Using Videos to Market your Business
With today’s advancements in technology, customers expect to see a video of your business. Without a video, you reduce your target market by a significant percentage. Care must be taken to have a polished and crisp video for marketing. People are already tired of seeing poorly produced, boring and lengthy videos. Make sure to keep the video short, to the point and interesting.

6. Implement a Google Adwords Campaign
Adwords is Google’s product for businesses, which allows you to have your business listed right on the top of Google’s search page. This raises the chances of somebody, who has just searched for a related or specific query on Google, to get to you easily. Google will take a payment only if the user clicks on the sponsored ad link. It is free to sign up for this service and is indispensable to Internet marketing.

7. Be Active on Social Media
Again, like blogging often, this will require you to be active. Social Media allows you to instantly communicate with users from all around different time zones. The more active you are, the more you get to interact. With most platforms being available for mobile devices, it is easy to get notified whenever there is any relevant activity. Your promptness will definitely be greatly appreciated. Unless serious, most people do not bother for late or delayed content.

8. List Your Business on Popular Local Directories
Local directories are also listed online. This is the best place to find customers in the vicinity or in the same city. When a customer finds your listing on a local site, it increases your chance of business as most will prefer to have the physical location of your business someplace they have easy access to.

9. Make sure your website is Mobile Responsive
Once again, advancements in technology have allowed for mobile phones to accomplish many of the tasks that computers once performed. That being said, in today’s fast paced world, many people are always on the move and don’t have access to a computer. Make sure that your website is mobile compatible so that you maximize your reach.

10. Learn from other Businesses
The Internet is a great source for communication and also serves as an excellent platform to gain knowledge. There is so much information on the web that it is very rare to not find similar businesses. This is where you can make use of this and keep a close eye on both competitors and the entire market in general. Industry trends and case studies related to failures are also plentiful and it remains up to you to use all of this information to successfully market your business online.

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